Crediton hill residents' Association

This is a news and information site for residents of Crediton Hill,

West Hampstead, London


Rubbish and Recycling

Collections in Crediton Hill are on Fridays fortnightly for rubbish and weekly for recycling.

Full information on what you can recycle is on the Camden website 


Inevitably a problem. Never enough room, even for residents. Parking is restricted from 08.30 - 18.30 Monday to Saturday. 


The pavement has been renewed but typically deteriorates quite quickly. A long time ago, when it was poor, we campaigned and the street was featured on the BBC TV programme, 'That's Life'. Improvements followed. We will continue to pursue the council in the hope of getting improvements as needed without needing to be on national TV.


Most of the trees in Crediton Hill are limes. There are also 4 whitebeams, 1 hawthorn, 1 apple, 1 cherry and 1 ash.


Foxes roam freely in our streets and gardens and scavenge for food to sustain themselves. So to outfox the fox: never feed them, use a secure bin and don't leave rubbish bags outside. Other things you can do include using a fox repellent (e.g. Scoot) or installing an infra-red device that links to an outdoor tap and fires water at intruding foxes.